"Passion for the health of relationships"

Life has a way of providing us with a variety of unexpected experiences. Some of these experiences can bring great joy while others may seem like an overwhelming challenge. I understand the concerns you have when trying to find solutions to the challenges of your life. The purpose of Life Solutions is to provide you with the skills and experiences necessary to successfully navigate the challenges that you are now facing.

"Passion for the health of relationships"

Personal Counseling — provides an opportunity in a private and safe setting to explore the underlying issues that challenge you. Topics usually include your behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and experiences as well as your general satisfaction in life. Together, we will set specific goals and work in unison to accomplish those goals. We will also use truth, grace, and sometimes even humor in order to achieve the changes that you desire. Personal counseling often addresses many of the following areas:

"Passion for the health of relationships"

As this mission statement indicates, I truly have a deep commitment and passion to help couples experience healthier more satisfying relationships. Perhaps you have already tried to address the concerns in your relationship without seeing any real change. Or, perhaps you're unsure as to what the real issues are. Either way, we will build on your present relationship strengths to find solutions that fit your life. Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling often addresses many of the following areas:

"The Marriage Safari"

Discover why thousands of couples now recommend The Marriage Safari to their friends and family. If your church or Christian organization is looking for a marriage seminar or conference that is well presented, effective, and affordable - an event where the speaker is live and people can personally interact with him... You have just found it! The 2010 edition of The Marriage Safari addresses all of the major areas of marriage including communication, emotional needs, fighting fair, human sexuality, personal temperament, and much, much more. There are two popular formats for presenting the Marriage Safari, to your church and community.

"Counseling Info"

There will be a one page Intake Form in the waiting room for you to fill out. Please arrive about 10 minutes early in order to complete this form. At our first meeting we will discuss the items that are currently going on in your life that concern you. We will also begin to discuss and clarify the goals that you have in mind for counseling. Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have about your counseling or how counseling works. Our first meeting will last about 50 minutes. Near the end of this meeting we will discuss the appropriateness, type, and frequency of counseling based upon your goals and personal circumstances.

"Contact Info"

Tim Ruden, PhD, LPCC
To contact Life Solutions, leave a message at (651) 882-5161. Calls are usually returned within 3-4 business hours. Email Tim@MyLifeSolutions.com or fill out the email form below. Emails are returned within one business day.

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